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The eternal war between gluttony and thrift. Pìcca is little, it fills up. The constant game, the incessant bickering, between the child who wants more and the mother who wants it to be enough for everyone.

Pìcca is what is enough of other times, the taste that expresses the love that – alone – fills.

Pìcca is our promise of joy, simple: EVO Cima di Melfi and Cellina di Nardò BIO oils, Tomato Sauce, Aubergines in Filetti Sott’Oils and Chickpeas from Puglia and the inevitable orecchiette.


The Pìcca box contains: BIO Cima di Melfi and Cellina di Nardò EVO oils, Tomato Sauce, Aubergines in Fillets Sott’Oils and Chickpeas from Puglia, orecchiette.

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